Hidden Figures

African History and Ancestories

Our Ancestors: Children’s Books that Connect to Our Origins in the Curriculum. In an increasingly connected and globalized world, it is essential that children develop an understanding and appreciation for their ancestors and cultural roots. Children’s books are a powerful tool to achieve this, as they can transport children to different times and places, connecting […]

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Reading I-Q

Reading I-Q-Digital Library

A window into the world of reading for children ages 2-12″. In today’s digital world, encouraging children to read is more important than ever. Reading I-Q-Digital Library is a digital library designed specifically for children ages 2-12, offering a wide variety of e-books and interactive activities. Reading I-Q-Digital Library is an invaluable resource for parents and

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I believe I can

Voice and conscience of the city

Urban intellectuals not only observe urban life; they are the voice and conscience of the city. With their critical analysis and multidisciplinary perspective, they facilitate the understanding and transformation of the challenges and opportunities that emerge in urban environments. Urban intellectuals act as catalysts for change by questioning the established order and proposing new visions

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