About Us

GPS is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to being a one-stop center for providing school supplies and educational programs. Our mission is to provide access to quality educational resources for students at all levels. We offer online digital reading programs, a bookstore for K-12 students and a digital African history curriculum through “Our-Ancestories.com”.

GPS Motto
What you can become depends on what you can overcome


Giving Students the World

Green Pathways to Success will provide students with a twenty-first century one-stop-shop experience with getting all the materials, resources, and services they need to become successful students. The GPS program will allow each member to realize their overall and full educational potential and prepare them for the future they desire on a local and global scale.

Mission Statement

GPS Mission

GPS is a Non-Profit Organization that focuses on providing educational resources, materials, and services to Miami-Dade County students in Pre-K through twelfth (12) grade. The required resources are secured by raising money and obtaining grants that is used to supply and promote the overall wellbeing and growth of children who are homeless, disabled, and at risk of falling behind in school and our society. GPS is initiated to combat the current cost of inflation and educational inequities in our community that hinders the academic progress of our students. Parents, students, and community members will utilize the program by signing up on our GPS state of the art website. Materials and resources will be delivered by program staff to each designated location.


GPS Purpose and Vision

GPS provides the necessary educational materials, resources, and services needed to ensure daily productivity and promote daily continuity for Miami-Dade County low socioeconomic, homeless, disabled, and at-risk students throughout the academic calendar year. GPS aims to make a significant and profound impact in the surrounding communities it serves.

Green Pathways to Success, Inc. is a Non-Profit Charitable 501(C) (3) Organization. It is a One-Stop-Shop for educational school supplies and services. It offers selective and customized Online Digital Reading Programs. GPS also offers a variety of Online Book stores for K-12 students. In addition to the reading programs, we offer a Digital African American History Curriculum and Reading Series via “Our-Ancestories.com. for K-12 students. We are dedicated and committed to the advancement of the African American Community. It is our goal to help African American students to uncover their true identity and enable them to realize their full potential. Collectively, we offer tutorial, mentoring and counseling services for the students of Miami-Dade County Florida.



Denise Green

Executive Director, Green Pathways to Success Inc.

Executive Director, Green Pathways to Success Inc.
Denise is the Executive Director for Green Pathways to Success, Inc. GPS was
founded in March 2023 by educator, Denise Green, out of a desire to combat the
lack of adequate educational resources and opportunities that plagued the
students from the low socioeconomic communities in which she served. After
taking a teaching position in the inner city, followed by another in a low
socioeconomic community, Denise witnessed firsthand, the lack of sufficient
resources and the disparity within the schools and the surrounding communities.
After twenty-five years of service to the students of Miami-Dade County Florida,
Denise realized that there was still much work to be done in her field and line of
work. A lot has changed for education since 1997 when she started her journey.
Unfortunately, the educational gap and disparage between the black community
and others remains prevalent. After serving as the Positive Behavior Support (PBS)
Chairperson and developing a District-Approved Behavior Plan for her school,
serving as a Director for the 5,000 Role Models of Excellence Project Program for
disadvantaged boys, serving as a K-8 Activities Director, serving as the Grade Level
Chairperson, and serving as the Black History Chairperson for seven (7) years,
Denise decided that the time had come to serve the youths of her community in a
greater depth. Her leadership roles and years of service as a teacher for Miami-
Dade County Public Schools has allowed her to connect and work with many
stakeholders and community leaders. Her commitment to serving her students
and the community as a whole, has allowed her to envision a 21 st century
program that will target the African American community yet still render services
to all children. As a result, the GPS Program was born.

Denise Green as Program Development Director for "Elaine School of Music" May 20, 2023

Dave Henningham

Treasurer, Green Pathways to Success Inc.

Dave Henningham is a professional that has a decade of experience in accounting & finance with a concentration in commercial real estate and education.  As an accountant and operations manager, Dave Henningham has been integral in record revenue generation, company expansion and financial reporting.

Dave Henningham received his bachelor of business administration with a major in accounting from Florida Atlantic University. He has also consulted multiple businesses on growth strategies and financial planning and reporting.

When he’s not busy, Dave Henningham is an avid basketball player and gym enthusiast.  

Mrs. Jacqueline E. Moody

Director, Green Pathways to Success Inc.

Mrs. Jacqueline E. Moody, Master
Vocal/Piano Teacher, Singer.


Mrs. Moody is the CEO of Elaine School of Music.

She is a proud graduate of Fisk University with a B.S.

degree in Music Education and the Boston

Conservatory of Music. Mrs. Moody has her Master of

Music degree, MM, as well as a Specialist in Music

Education degree from the University of Miami.

Mrs. Moody has sung professionally with the

Connecticut opera company and the Florida

Grand Opera. Mrs. Moody has won numerous awards in

her field of music education and has retired from

teaching music after 30 years in the Miami-Dade County

Public School system.

GPS Production Board & Team Members

  • Denise Green/CEO
  • Dave Henningham Jr. / Treasurer/Finance
  •  Jacqueline Moody / Program Director
  • Valentina Taylor / Communications Ed. Contributor
  • Carleigh Clark / Public Relations/Ed. Contributor
  • Virginia Rivas / Communications & Public Relations
  • Kayla King / Public Relations / Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Cynthia Cooper / Fundraising & Volunteer
  • Linda Lester / Fundraising & Volunteer
  • Pastor John / Village Church / Program Contributor 


Providing a customized platform for students to obtain necessary school supplies, health services, and specific resources enables them to become well rounded, focused, and better oriented students who will reach their individual educational goals.


The mission of Green Pathways to Success is to provide marginalized, disadvantaged, and improvised children with unlimited access to online educational resources and mental health services. GPS provides students with a customized platform and online community in which they can thrive as unique individuals.

They Need Your Help!

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of young people and build a brighter future. Come and visit us at our new location at Venture X.