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We are dedicated to combating educational inequality through community service and youth empowerment

Green Pathways To Success Inc.
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Green Pathways To Success

GPS is a Non-Profit organization committed to bridging the educational gaps experienced most often by brown and disadvantaged children. Our main goal is to become a one-stop-center for year-round school supplies and to provide educational programs designed to develop and empower each child, allowing them to reach their fullest potential. 

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In life, the human directional compass consists of eight different ways in which we follow. The Green Initiative is an eight-dimensional compass that consist of eight divisional areas of supportive services aimed to guide each child on their individual paths. These eight categories allows all donors, supporters, contributors, and community members to align their need and become familiar with all facets and components of the GPS program and services offered.

Program Overview and Membership Purpose

GPS-1 Is a One-Stop-Shop for students from low-income households in grades K-12th. GPS provides educational supplies and support services for all students. GPS is focused and dedicated to providing top-tiered services to African American students from low socioeconomic communities.

GPS Teacher/Educators Support Program

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  • VISA

Philanthropy Projects/Volunteers/Activities & Adventure

GPS Exemplary A.C.C Scholars

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Meet Our GPS Breakthrough Miami Champion

“I have dedicated lots of time and energy to Breakthrough Miami, and it has been tremendously rewarding to see the positive impact I am able to make in the lives of younger students who are just like me. From the time I first started, I have grown into a completely different person in so many ways, and I am so grateful for the opportunities Breakthrough Miami has provided for me to learn, mature, mentor, and lead.” -Shaya Lewis

Congratulations to Breakthrough Miami Scholar, Shaya Lewis! 🎓

Shaya is an exemplary student and an active member of her community through various volunteer experiences. Throughout her time as a student at @coralreefhs, Shaya pursued an ambitious academic schedule inside and outside the classroom. Exploring and furthering her education through multiple dual-enrollment and advanced placement courses, Shaya has all the qualities of a true rockstar student.

As a community leader, Shaya led as the Executive Vice President then President of the Academy of Finance, Vice President and Liaison of FBLA, Vice President then President of Caribbean Club, Boys Basketball Manager, and Vice President and later President of Breakthrough Miami’s Volunteer Council. Continuing her community involvement, Shaya was an active member of the National Honor Society and dedicated time to Volunteering for Key Club, Breakthrough Miami at @gulliverprep_, and at beach cleanups and various donations.

Proudly graduating with numerous #Breakthroughs, Shaya has recently been accepted into numerous universities including: @clemsonuniversity@ncatsuaggies@lsu@ncstate@usouthflorida@fiuinstagram@floridaatlantic@mdcollege, and @SantaFeCollege.

Shaya will be attending Miami Dade College to complete her AA degree.

Congratulations on your many achievements, Shaya! 👏

We invite you to join us

If you share our passion for education and would like to support our cause, we invite you to join us. Whether as a volunteer, donor or supporter, your support will be critical in helping us expand our reach and provide more educational opportunities for students. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of young people and build a brighter future.

GPS Director, Mrs. Moody, is also the CEO of Elaine School of Music

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"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela

At GPS, we strive to provide students with the educational resources necessary to reach their full potential. We believe that education is the foundation for a successful future and are committed to providing equitable access to quality learning materials. Through our foundation, we hope to make a positive difference in the lives of students and promote inclusive and enriching education.

Equitable access to education

Educational Excellence

Diversity and Inclusion

Community engagement

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Targeting over 10k children

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Volunteers and Members

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Engagement is key

GPS Foundation is committed to providing equitable access to quality educational resources. We believe that all students, regardless of their socioeconomic background, should have the opportunity to access school supplies and educational programs that help them succeed academically.

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Combating Inequality through Community Service and Empowerment


  • Recognition on website as GPS supporter.
  • Social Media acknowledgement
  • GPS Vendor, Purchase of school supplies
  • Student Uniforms Certificates , Vouchers.
  • Tutoring, Counseling, Mentorship Apps, Programs.
  • Parental Referral Services



  • Recognition on website as GPS supporter.
  • Social Media acknowledgement
  • Complementary Choice Shirts
  • Food Vouchers/Certificates
  • GPS Merchandise Store Operations
  • GPS Customized Creations, Design 
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  • Marketing/Social Media Content Creator Fundraising
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  • Employee Acquisition
  • Staff Compensation



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  • Community Engagement/Support Aid
  • GPS Program Monthly Maintenance

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  • Social Media acknowledgement
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They Need Your Help!

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of young people and build a brighter future.

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