Student Membership Details

Students/Parents/Members Info:


  • Student memberships are free.
  • Parental memberships are free.
  • Volunteer memberships are free.
  • Students official GPS shirts are free.
  • Volunteers & Supervising Parents shirts are free.
  • Supervising parents must have level 1, or 2 Clearance via MDCPS/MDPD.
  • All Tutoring services are Free/ Tutors must be High School graduates or have 2-year Associates Degree.
  • Counselors/State Certified /student sessions are free.
  • Mentorships/Free
GPS Student Models
Summer & Seasonal Camps
  • GPS/A.C.C. Scholars ONLY.
  • Scholars DO NOT pay for Merchandise (vouchers are given).
  • Students in grades 6th-12th receives Community Service hours.
  • GPS & Venture X Collaborates to provide camp services for students ages 8-18, starting the 2024-2025 year.
  • Approved GPS Camps @ Venture X Facilities will be FREE to the public.
  • Field Trips/ Statewide/TBA (in and out of school).
  • Miami-Dade County Parks & Recreation Approved /Palmetto Bay Park.
GPS Shopify Merchandise Store
  • All monies raised from product sales will support GPS overall programs.
  • Students/Parents/Community members can make desired purchases.
  • Students earn vouchers throughout the school year as per desired grades and superior conduct. (See PBIS Program).
  • Purchases can be made from GPS-1 or GPS-2.